- The reason for this economic crisis is the halting of goods, the halting or freezing of capital, the freezing of production. In other words, people are holding onto their money out of worldly greed and concern. Manufacturers are stopping production, saying "just in case I cannot sell my products, get or borrow money." "Let us keep it stored away, just in case, and prices will go up in any case." Potential purchasers say "let us hold on, as prices may go up or down." Thus a mass death takes place.

- The way out of the crisis is to do away with the interest system; in other words, the return to a banking system known as Islamic banking. Everyone has seen that this has been successful in England and in America. This is the only banking system not being affected by the crisis at the moment. And everyone is borrowing from there at the moment. It is being looked at in America and England and Europe. They are thinking of moving over to it, to Islamic banking. That is the first. Second, taxes need to be reduced. They need to be brought down, at least temporarily. Taxes are very high. That would enormously stimulate production. Third, there must be a high money supply for the markets. In other words, salaries of workers and civil servants must be raised, even if only temporarily, just for a time. And spending must be encouraged. Don't hang on to your money, go out and buy. Consumption must be encouraged, in other words. And this is also a moral question, of course. Education. Trusting in and resignation to Allah. Freeing oneself from fear for the future. Avoiding that unease. And being honest. But beyond all, canceling debts is mentioned in the Qur'an. That is essential in the fundamental system. The heart of the matter. Cancellation of debts. If these can be brought about and, most particularly, visa requirements are lifted, the result will be an astonishing wealth. Forget about the economic crisis then. Everything will totally change. Goods will flow like water.

- For one thing, human beings are spiritual entities. It is important that their spiritual strength should not be broken. They need to maintain an optimistic and joyous state of mind, that is resigned to and trusts in Allah and that knows that Allah will create the future. They must place their trust in Allah and be very honest. That is very important in this framework. But let me also say that this crisis can be quite risky. I mean, this is what needs to be done: livestock-raising and agriculture need to be emphasized and given the priority. Livestock-raising and agriculture. In other words, the state should give ten times as much support as it does to other institutions. Agriculture and livestock-raising. They need to be given enormous support. In other words, agricultural and livestock production needs to be raised by three or five times. This is a great precautionary measure, and a very powerful one. Attaching priority to agriculture and livestock-raising will prevent any unwelcome developments in the future. Apart from that, a spirit of unity and togetherness and solidarity must be encouraged in order for capital to be set in motion again. Money must not be hidden away at home. It must be set in motion and huge amounts of money hidden away in particular have to be released. It must be made available to the markets. The very wealthy must not keep large sums of money back. They must release it into the markets. And that money must be used. Gold must not be held back. Gold must be released onto the markets and made use of. The response to that, as you know, is printing money. Gold must not be held back. Our brothers in Germany and abroad must be able to bring their money to Turkey without any taxes being imposed. Taxes are imposed at the moment, as you know. It must be brought in with no taxes. Packed into bags or cases and brought here. Simple as that. They need to be able to say they have brought their money here with no questions asked. And why should it be taxed?

- For example, banks should be more understanding and be willing to spread loans out over longer periods. From 10 to 20, for example. If the postponement period is 10 months, it should be raised to 20. Relaxation. There will be massive reinvigoration once this contraction has been resolved. And not purchasing with dollars. Not using dollars and euros. In other words, Turkish currency should be used. In order for us not to be affected by events overseas. The constant emphasis of exports. Imports being frozen as much as possible. In other words, no imports except of things that are really essential. But non-stop exports. These things can be highly beneficial.

- This is a matter that needs to be considered in two stages. There is one aspect that needs to be dealt with urgently. That includes, for instance, fertilizer production and the development and strengthening of tractor factories. The provision of sufficient credits for the producers of seeds, wheat and other fruits and vegetables, though those credits must be supervised. Where are they being used? Fallow land must be opened up to agriculture as quickly as possible. Breeding stock must be brought in from overseas. Animal raising must be developed and improved by bringing in livestock of various kinds. These are the urgent issues. These are vital as groundwork when it comes to making use of all kinds of empty land. In the second stage, there are the measures I have already cited. But a spirit of brotherhood, enthusiasm and excitement are very important in all these. Otherwise people will be worn out. Someone in a state of fear will not give over any money. But people in a state of brotherhood will never even consider such things. In other words, if people know that the state and everyone around them will treat everyone else in a friendly and brotherly manner, in other words, if they realize that savage capitalism does not apply, then they will be much freer in spirit. The burdens they are laboring under will vanish. This is most important. At present, people are closing their workplaces, selling what they have and locking themselves away indoors. And not buying anything. That means turning one's back on life. It means putting life on hold. Whereas what they need to do is struggle and endeavor. But here, all our citizens, the state, the banks and everyone all need to engage in brotherly solidarity. And the interest system in particular must be eliminated.

- This would be a crucial requirement. This is not something that the European Union or America or Russia can afford to relax over. Allah forbid, that would lead to terrible developments that would bring with them the danger of famine. In other words, there is no room for debate here. No matter who, the European Union or anyone, opposes it we must not listen. Agriculture must be developed to the fullest possible extent. And the unemployed need to be encouraged in that direction, and very quickly. And wonderful employment areas can be opened up. The goods produced must be processed. Wheat is processed in one way, for instance, and barley, rye and potatoes in others. Many more branches of industry need to be established to that end. This means new spheres of employment. It is madness for the European Union to make such a suggestion, and there can be no question of any such thing being accepted. We need perfect agriculture and perfect livestock-raising. And Turkey needs to have a conception of production that is more than sufficient and can also engage in exports. Once that is done it can then protect its own independence and it will be easy to expand the economy. Security will be established at the grass roots, in other words, and this is very important. But, Allah protect us, very dangerous developments may happen if these things are not brought about.



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