--- Let me say this in all humility, the greatest importance must be attached to agriculture from now on, the greatest importance must be attached to the rearing of livestock, this may be in the form of large animals or poultry, but everyone engaged in this needs to be seriously supported by the state. And the state itself should be actively engaged in the field. Agriculture needs to be supported right across Turkey. In other words, it is these two fields in particular, rather than others, that must be supported, and all forms of industry that indirectly support agriculture and livestock-rearing must also be supported. It may be agricultural chemicals. Or tractors and combine harvesters, and the state must provide top rate support for the production of these and everyone concerned with them.

--- Great attention must be paid to economic measures. Waste must be completely eradicated, and this must be comprehensively implemented. This must be taken in hand as a matter of great urgency. In addition, the best use of food stocks is essential, by which I mean their proper use and the avoidance of waste, because wasting food is widespread in Turkey today. Huge amounts of food are wasted in workplaces in particular. This must be stopped at once. Food is generally thrown away in larger workplaces. That is a grave threat. It must be stopped at once.

--- In addition, the production of luxury goods should not be supported at all. In other words, let people who are concerned with luxury goods manufacture them themselves. That might be agreeable. It is very important to put one's trust in Allah; people must trust in Allah and not panic or look at events from a concern for the future.

--- And generosity. Helping the poor, even if only a little. It is very important to give alms and help others, for example, it is very important to cancel the debts of those who cannot pay them. If someone cannot pay his debts, it is quite wrong to go and confiscate all his property. If people really cannot pay, if they really do not have anything to pay with, Allah tells us in the Qur'an to "make a free gift of it." In other words, He tells us in the Qur'an that debt cancellation will be most acceptable if they cannot pay. We must not take their property away. That is a good deed and an excellent moral virtue.

--- In addition, the bonds of brotherhood must be strengthened. There is unnecessary disputation, and there should be no needless political quarreling. This is particularly important in the present day. Everyone must regard everyone else as brothers, even if they are communists or hold other view. That is because if Allah created someone as a communist, that is their destiny. They will account for themselves to Him in the Hereafter, and we are in no position to punish them or to regard them in any other way in this world. They are also our brothers, they are also servants created by Allah. We must therefore take this crisis in particular very seriously. This is something important. And its impact on the world will also be very important. And Allah knows best, of course.

--- I think that livestock-rearing should enjoy separate state support. I think the food sector should be seriously supported.

--- And energy. I think the energy sector in particular should be very well supported.

--- And if possible, if state resources suffice, the incomes of low-income earners should be comprehensively raised. That will really reinvigorate the markets. I think it would be a very good thing to raise wages considerably on a one-off basis, or even a few times, as a temporary measure to prevent market stagnation.

--- Banks must take the subject seriously. Interest rates should be reduced to zero.

--- It would also be a very good thing to lower taxes dramatically. Taxes should be seriously reduced. People are in any case only just able to engage in production. Taxes are high at the moment. It would be a very good thing to seriously lower taxes now.

--- And we must make things easier for those of our brothers who will bring money in from abroad. I think perhaps a 1 percent tax should be imposed, tax reduced to just 1 percent, and money permitted to enter the country with no formalities being applied.



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